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Viele EMO Besucher aus dem ganzen Welt interessiert an den neuen PetroFill automatische Befüll-Anlage mit KSS Analysesystem.

petrofill coolant auto-analyser and dosingsystem with coolant-analyser

Petroline introduced at EMO a PetroFill coolant analyser and automatic dosing system, that adjusts the coolant mix in individual machine reservoirs. This PetroFill system has been developed to ease operators’ tasks in toolshops, so they can focus upon specialized machining operations. The coolant analyser provides on a regular bases, relevant data i.e. pH readings, mixing percentage, conductivity, which are available on-line 24/7.
The unique combination of actual coolant measurement and automatic dosing of fresh coolant to the machines, is a master achievement in process control. Coolant loss through chip conveyors and high temperature evaporation are automatically compensated so coolant quality remains.
In workshops where machine tanks are manually filled by operators, using hoses, cans or movable containers, generally enormous cost reduction can be achieved when switching over to this new PetroFill system with analysis device. The payback time (R.O.I.) could be approx. 15 – 18 months.

 PetroFill Messe

  • Turningdays Fachmesse für Zerspanungstechnik 14. 17. FEBRUAR 2017

  • PetroFill demo auf die AMB Stuttgart Internationale Ausstellung für Metallbearbeitung von 13. bis 17.09.16

  • Petroline war auf die Metav Messe / Düsseldorf vom 23. – 27. Februar 2016.
    Halle 16 / A47


Befüll Anlage PetroFill spart zeit - neue Youtube Filme